The GPS coordinates stitched into each of our pieces teleport you to point zero: the front of the Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris, a symbolic meeting point of all French roads and paths. This unique feature not only grounds our creations in the heart of our Parisian heritage but also symbolizes a journey where every garment becomes a vessel for exploration and discovery.

At Kilometre Paris, we pride ourselves in making signature pieces that reimagine vintage shirts as blank canvases for embroidery, capturing the essence of travel and harmonious living with the earth and humanity. Each stitch tells a story of adventure and connection, inviting wearers to embark on their own voyages.

Additionally, Kilometre Paris operates as a network of antique hunters, scouring the globe for hidden treasures. From sniffing out the back of trucks to exploring attics and factory closets, our team unearths unique finds like sailor blouses and overalls, each with its own tale to tell.