Note to Our Voyageurs

Kilometre Paris bespoke pieces are made exclusively for you, our travelers. Please kindly note that embroidering stories takes time and care, distinguishing our products from fast fashion items on the market. Your patience guarantees both a unique, artisanal masterpiece and a souvenir that promises to transport you with each use.

Piece Unique

13 eme, Paris by leo dorfner

We use 19th-century French shirts that served as workwear. We transform these uniforms into distinctive garments.
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Les Eaux D'Ishia

Each piece is unique, adorned with a tapestry of intricate designs and patterns
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No smoking

Art made to be worn

Your next adventure awaits
Piece Unique

Moments de vie

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Hidden Gems

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Our kaftan

Known for their versatility and comfort, kaftans are the perfect wardrobe staple for our voyageurs. They have deep roots in various cultures around the world, and what makes Kilometre Kaftans special is the way we play with mythic icons from various countries. Each unique design celebrates things that don't go out of fashion.

behind the piece


Work overalls, historically blue, owe their hue to an accidental discovery by Johann Jacob Diesbach, a Berlin paint manufacturer. Attempting to replicate Florence red lacquer, Diesbach mistakenly used contaminated potassium, resulting in the creation of "Prussian Blue."

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