Our Piece Unique line upcycles 19th century men’s dress shirts in linen, hemp or nettle. To embroider these wearable artworks, we’ve turned to Fabrica Social, a social enterprise that assists the indigenous women artisans of Mexico. These craftswomen are able to incorporate their creativity and traditional know-how in creating our shirts. In return, they have a fixed, stable income from the resulting fair trade of their products. Purchasing a Kilometre Piece Unique creates a link between artisans, designers and you. Using the combination of our different cultures and knowledge, we are building a more meaningful fashion industry together. Film by Thomas Rétif.

Inspired by our Piece Unique shirts, Kilometre takes this design to a whole new level by adding a different spin to it. We have chosen traditional manufacturers in the Indian cities of Kolkata and Mumbai, renowned across the globe for their intricate, centuries-old handloom embroidery techniques. All Inspired shirts are hand-embroidered and handmade from two different fabrics: khadi doublé, a double-lined Indian cotton which is perfect for city wear, and semi-transparent cotton voile, ideal as a cover up for those lazy beach days. Film by Ninon Ardisson et Narotam Horn.

Our personalised basket bags and wool yarn are sourced from Fez, Morocco, and embroidered by skilled artisans in Rabat. This city is known for its traditional weaving, known locally as “Terz del ghorza”. Taking home a basket bag helps to support this craft, which is in danger of disappearing. Film by Bertrand Agrech.

Kilometre is not only about undiscovered destinations, but about the team that makes everything possible; our multicultural mix of travellers hail from every corner of the world. Each and every one of our members has a different background, culture and perspective – we compliment each other, and even clash at times, but that’s what makes our brand so original. Get to know our international gang here:


Dakar, Sénégal

40° 42’ 46“ North, 74° 0’ 21” West

— Founder of Kilometre.
— Previously a journalist for 20 years on trends, travel, fashion, food, art and architecture,
— Founder and former editor-in-chief of Jalouse magazine in Paris
— Former judge on the TV program «Project Fashion»
— Former radio program host in Tokyo
— Author « Le Paris du Tout Paris »

Favorite spots

Gorée, Island in front of Dakar. I love the heat, and I love the smell. It’s my childhood. The best time is after 5PM – after the last boat – when there are no more tourists. It’s always packed with tourists during the day, but afterwards, it’s your island.
Roquebrune Cap Martin – there’s a little house called Mon Chateau built by architect Le Cortbusier. This is where he drowned and died. The smallest historical monument of France. This is where he drowned. The Nice-Matin newspaper wrote to his death, «It was the worst tourist housed the Riviera.»
Naoshima, Japan. It is an «artistic» island with a museum (Subaru) underground. For a particular piece you are asked to remove your shoes. I found myself barefoot on small marble tiles, in front of three paintings by Monet. This was the first time I cried in front of a painting. The room is lit by natural light. The Japanese are so exquisite. The entire island is an experience. Next, I look forward to discovering the islands Tejima and Momoshima.


London, UK

51° 30’ 26“ North, 0° 7‘ 40” West

— Writer. Her main responsibility is to put the spirit of Kilometre into words; to hand-pick and research destinations from around the world; to find the best way to describe them in the famous Kilometre mini-guides.

Favorite spots

— Don’t want to give them out; they’re my treasure trove.



Paris, France

48° 50’ 28“ North, 2° 23‘ 17“ East

— Responsible for visual identity and designing various graphic documents.

Favorite spots

Mont Pelion, Greece I fell in love with the pictures of a little stone house perched on a mountain facing the sea. Inquiry and diplomacy took me there one year after, dreaming under the shades of the olive trees, diving among fishes and sea urchins, swimming from one bay to another (Mylopotamos, Tsagarada, Dimitrios) to have lunch in little tavernas, forever my best souvenir.
Cap fréhel, France Childhood and teenage holidays; violent wind; everything navy blue, emerald green, turquoise, dark grey from landscape to seafood; firewood each season. Then in summer I would dive from high rocks into the fresh water at the little harbor of Saint Gérant, realizing how I missed it in winter.



Paris, France

48° 50’ 28“ North, 2° 23‘ 17“ East

— Junior journalist. Keeps an eye open and a notebook in her pocket.

Favorite spots

Paris Parisian born and bred, I wake up looking at the grey rooftops wondering what secrets I might be discovering today. And beyond its eternal beauty, magic some would say, it is moved by the creative energy of its youth, which by the best of luck I am part of. I am particularly obsessed with the Pont-Neuf, that I can cross ten times a day.
Ibiza Despite all the tourism around night-clubbing, Ibiza remains one special place on earth, where life seems to be only about love and pleasure. It might be because of its light, and the amazing sunsets that you can admire while wandering through the small streets of Dalt Vila or enjoying a cocktail at the Sunset Ashram in Cala Conta.
San Pedro de Atacama, Chile Luckily I was able to discover San Pedro in the winter, because, despite the freezing nights, it was not too crowded with tourists. I got there alone at the time the sun sets and it was like arriving on movie set for a Lynch movie, like if someone up there had turn on a “surreal lighting”. Don’t hop on one of those tourists’ tours, just rent a car and go drive on your own in the desert and you’ll feel like you are on expedition looking for life on mars.



Liège, Belgique

50°37’57’’ North, 5°34’46’’ East

— Adventurer, life-lover and queen of culinary literature, Claude devotes herself to any project she loves.

Favorite spots

Shwedagon Pagoda in Rangoo Barefoot on the marble of the magnificent Shwedagon Pagoda which dominates Rangoon, I like to spend hours at sunset observing people’s rituals. Approaching Shwedagon is a magical experience, it is a place loaded with energy. At night, its stupa covered with 40 tons of gold leaf and precious stones «fallen from heaven» becomes a gigantic gem that radiates and throbs. At that moment, I realize I’m in Burma’s most sacred place.
Monument Valley, Arizona Discover the Monument Valley in the VW bus through Valley Drive. This is simply the most beautiful site of the North American continent. Shown a thousand times in so many movies, it is obviously « from within » that I can feel the sacredness of this magnificent landscape and its Mesas. The red land of the Navajo nation, Monument Valley is the largest Indian reservation in the United States, which was completely disregarded by white men… At 1700 m altitude, the best view on the 3 famous « Buttes » are simply from the Visitor Center.
Pann’s Los Angeles My first pancakes in this « Space Age » coffee shop next to the Los Angeles airport: my holidays begin! Less than an hour after exiting the plane, I sink with delight in the red vinyl bench of this the 50s jewel which proudly boasts to serve «real food since 1958». Enjoying the sun and the pleasure of finding myself in my favorite city, I hope Rena Panagopoulos, 90 years of age and the owner of this « institution », will always be there to welcome me with her impeccable perm and legendary kindness.


Paris, France

48° 51’ 24» North, 2° 21’ 8” East

— Embroidery Designer

Favorite spots

Brazil, for the architecture, the colors and vegetation. Spending New Year’s Eve on Copacabana beach is one the most exciting experiences on earth.
Greek island, because it’s my home country! There is nothing like having your breakfast in Symi, looking at the sea in the early morning.
Tel Aviv, for the food and the amazing way of life.


London, UK

51° 30’ 26» North, 0° 7’ 40” West

— Embroidery designer.

Favorite spots

London It’s where I was born and raised in the world, where I feel at home. It’s just a great city.
Syria In 2010, I visited Syria. It will remain one of my most cherished experiences.
Hampi, India A real life Jungle Book with lost temples, elephants crossing rivers, coconut trees full of monkeys… A true inspiration.



Mexico D.F., Mexico

19° 25’ 47» North, 99° 7’ 60” West

— Responsible for sourcing the embroiderers in Mexico and following the on site production.

Favorite spots

Mexico D.F. My house I live in a green eucalyptus forest an hour outside Mexico City, a real luxury in a city of 27 million people. I love this place because there are my most precious treasures, my family and my regards, from taking a bath in the rain when I was a child, to walking barefoot in lazy clothes, to seeing my parents play golf. This is the place that watched me grow up: from the neighborhood, to the police, they saw me going to school every day. This spot gave me an exceptional and unique childhood in Mexico.
Paris The Marais in summer for « l’apéro ». The 5ieme in the winter for the markets. La Samaritaine all year round. I can spend hours on Rue de la Monnaie, watching the beauty of those art deco motifs. I would love to buy it to have a bed in front of those windows and share the view with “The Kong“, just a simple kind of life. I love Paris, cause it is the city that gave me my first opportunity to work with what I love. Here, I learned the magic that means « rencontrer quelqu’un », for me is a lovely metropolis in a pocket space. I love it. Every street gives me the feeling of discovering something new, even if sometimes I realize that I am walking in circles.



Lyon, France

45° 45’ 50“ North, 4° 50’ 48” East

— Assistant. Researching information on products.

Favorite spots

Lyon, with my parents in the summer There is always good energy, and lots of familiar people: all my friends, my family, and my dog!
Saint Tropez and/or Saint Maxime I used to go since I was born. I have a lot of good memories. I like to know I can go to the beach and see all of my friends. And go by foot to the center of town to get the best ice cream. It’s in the shape of a rose, so beautiful.
Los Angeles, when I visit my friend I live a really healthy life for a few weeks: no party, good food, and lots of rest.


Meadowbrook, PA, USA

40°6’45’’ North, 75°4’41’’ West

— Film director.

Favorite spots

Sea lion on the Falkland Islands Because it has wildlife populations that rival the Galapagos Islands without being anywhere near the tourist concentration and because it’s incredibly remote and only 10 people can stay on the island at a time, it’s bound to stay that way.
The Kathputli Colony in New Delhi, India Because it’s where I learned what it meant to be an artist. I made my first film and fell in love with Fazeelat here. Kathputli is a colony that houses 2,800 families of magicians, acrobats, and puppeteers, and it’s really the birth and death place of India’s traditional performing arts. In 2011 the government tried to sell the colony land to make room for the city’s first-ever skyscraper, but the artists fought and have been able to hold on, for now. It has all the trappings of the slumbut there is an artistic spirit amongst the people here that $120,000 in an MFA program and a Bushwick loft will never earn you.



Paris, France

48°50’34’’ North, 2°23’53’’ East

— Author of many essays about art and design Philippe Tretiack is a restless and passionate French journalist.

Favorite spots

Three boxes facing the grandiose immensity. Three shelters in the atmosphere. Three poles where the freshness of the climate emphasizes the warmth of the hosts and legends.
The cafes of Pike Place fish market in Seattle These cafes, built on each other like piles of a wooden wall are overlooking the Bay of Puget Sound. There you’ll enjoy a poppy seed and cream cheese bagel. Enjoy it before taking a ferry to Port Angeles to visit the tomb of Raymond Carver.
A room, at the Hotel Arctic in Illulissat, Greenland Sitting on a Scandinavian minimalist chair, feet dug into the fur, eyes lost on icebergs standing guard between icecaps and floe. Serenity under the Northern Lights.
One seat, on the right, in the bus of the company Cata International (literally cata-strophical) linking Mendoza to Los Andes. At the peak of the mountaintop between Argentina and Chile, is the first flurry of snow and suddenly, nestled in the mountain range, the dizzying succession of winding roads of Los Caracoles.


Moscow, Russia

55° 45‘ 07“ North, 37° 36‘ 56“ East

Project Manager: focused on sales, production logistics, marketing and communications.

Favorite spots

Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina – A hidden gem in Europe: clean air, miles and miles of green land, exquisite food, rich, but complicated, history and above all, the kindest people. I wish more people would let go of their prejudices and visit this place.
New York, NY, USA – not original but this was my first study-abroad experience and it captured my heart. What I love about it most though, is the way it connects people. I’ve made so many friends there that I am still close to.
Phuket, Thailand – infinite fruit markets with my favorite pineapples for 5 cents, the best Asian massages (the ones where the masseuse makes your body crack!), abandoned postcard beaches with boats, the famous floating islands… For me it is the ultimate place where happiness is a state of mind.

Pénélope Rault

Madrid, España

40°24’59’’N 3°42’09’’ W

— In charge of partnerships between l’esprit Z, les boursiers, Zellidja, Mon Plus Beau Voyage and Kilometre.

Favorite spots

Kyoto, Japan I love the busy atmosphere and colorful covered walkways of Nishiki Market: hundreds of traditional culinary products, delight to the eyes and the nostrils, motivated sellers who talk loudly in Japanese (raw fish, cooked, smoked, dried, pickled vegetables, fresh, black sesame paste, white, exotic fruits, roasted tea, tofu in all possible shapes, incredible textures). The first store was established in the fourteenth century. Beyond food shops there are also shops « everything for 300 yen », kawaii items, incense stores, stores with bags, suitcases, fabrics (furoshiki), restaurants… all declined to infinity.
The island of Houat (South Brittany, France): little island close to the typical Quiberon (not far from Carnac where I love the megalithic alignments on the morning of June 21 at sunrise  ) On the island of Houat there is virtually nothing, except the basics: mini village, quiet, familiar, lots of memories. There must be just a creperie and a hotel, golden sandy beaches very close, transparent and fresh water, quiet atmosphere of summer evenings. Here, I feel connected to my ancestral roots and elements.


Ushant, France

48.4581° N, 5.0956° W

— Fashion designer.

Favorite spots

Ushant, France I have all my childhood memories here. I always love to go to see the nature, the sky and to breathe the salty air. Village de Toulalan holds a special place in my heart – it is actually where we have our family house…
Chiapas, Mexico : I love this place because I had the chance to go to a city in Chiapas called San Cristobal de Las Casas. There, I met a community of women who make their own embroideries : it blew my mind.
Nara, Japan : Nara is the reason why I decided to leave Paris to go to do my life in Japan. The most spiritual place for me? Temple of Tōdai-ji. The first time I visited that temple, I felt the peace all around…


Lahore, Pakistan

31° 32’ 59” North, 74° 20‘ 37” East

— Film director, model and muse exclusively for Kilometre.

Favorite spots

Lahore, Pakistan This was my paternal grandfather’s home where my father grew up. The reason I love this address is not my family home, but the home of the family who worked for us that was in the staff quarters. I grew up wishing for summer so I could see their daughter, Nargis, she was like a mother to me and when my uncle tore down the house to build a new one they moved out and it was the first time in my life I felt such deep loss. The staff quarters of my house where Nargis lived, now gone, will always be one of my favorite places in the world.
The Bell House, Park Slope, Brooklyn, New York : When I first moved to New York I realized the dance culture I grew up in living in Europe and Pakistan did not exist like I thought it did in New York. I discovered a dance party called ‘The Rub’ that happens once a month that has all of my favorite songs that I grew up listening to. It reminds me of going out dancing with my girlfriends, laughing and being totally free.
La Casa Azul, Mexico City I was 12 when I first went to Frida Kahlo’s house in Mexico. It was far less touristic than it is now, and I remember there were peacocks wandering around as we walked through. I also thought Frida’s beauty was unconventional and powerful, and as an awkward young girl growing up surrounded by very conventional standards of American beauty, Frida gave my eyebrows and moustache a place to feel beautiful.


Paris, France

48° 50’ 28” North, 2° 23‘ 17” East


Los Angeles, USA

34°03’ 08’’ North, 118°14’ 37’’ West

— Radiooooo is a great project dreamt by a group of friends, all of them artists and travellers, directed by Noemi Ferst and Benjamin Moreau, that will allow everyone to travel through time and space with music.

Favorite spots

Mexico City, D.F. This city is just crazy ! It is move by an amazing creative energy. Go to the Contramar and ask for a tostada of tuna marinated with sesame and topped with avocado, after that Noemi says you could consider your life fulfilled. Go to Agua de Oro, a small village in the desert. A song : Luz de Luna by Javier Solis.
Roma : It still has this magical atmosphere from the 50’s or the 60’s, two decades that we musically love. To run away from the crowd at the Piazza Novana go to the Chiostro del bramante, to have a coffee in its shaded and quiet courtyard. Listen to I Ricordi Della Sera, Quartetto Cetra while wandering through the city.
Bari, India : A small hidden gem in the heart of Rajasthan. But we already said to much about it… Danse to Charanjit Singh, Raga Lalit.



Boulogne-Billancourt, France

 48° 50’ 07’’ North, 2° 14’ 27’’ East

— Still alive, still wanting, Farid Chenoune teaches history of fashion, with passion and commitment to his students and to curious of all kind.

Favorite spots

New Zealand The Te Paki Sand Dunes close to Cap Reinga.
London : The National Portrait Gallery.
— The banks of the Euphrates at night in Syria.

170106_flamingo-trip_sans-texteCollage by Seana Gavin

Travel as a lifestyle, exploration as a mark of pride, discovering the world as the ultimate luxury: Kilometre makes our imaginations go wild, drifting into far-off and unexplored places.

Kilometre uses vintage shirts as its canvas to express the meridians and parallels of travel. The shirts take their wearers on a journey down the road least travelled. Procida rather than Capri, Kastellorizo instead of Mykonos, Hudson Valley and not the Hamptons: Kilometre evades the expected, and unveils the Ibizas and Saint-Tropezs of tomorrow. Our shirts are covered with embroidered representations of these elusive places – maps, rough sketches, coordinates – each like a cherished memory.

Kilometre’s global quest has led it to producing its collections in multiple countries. Baskets from Morocco, painted plates from Senegal, carpets made by weavers in Fez, shirt dresses embroidered by hand in Mexico and India – Kilometre entrusts skilled artisans from around the world in the creation of its products.

As Dostoevsky once said, “Beauty will save the world”. We invite you to join us in our search as we journey into the great unknown.