Mona, Tasmania, Australia

Mona, Tasmania, Australia

Mona, Tasmania, Australia


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A rusty fortress on the edge of a cliff overlooking the Derwent River, an underground bunker of “Old and New Art”, a secular temple of sex and death: the MONA is at the end of the world, in Tasmania. MONA has its own specific ways: owned and designed by professional gambler and multi-millionaire David Walsh, it is the most eccentric and out of this world contemporary art center one could imagine.

DESCRIPTION Inspired by the Piece Unique shirts, Kilometre takes the design to a whole new level by adding their own spin to it. Copying the original garment in two different fabrics and adding delicate embroideries of travel destinations to them, the shirts are instantly elevated in a casual, yet elegant way.

Hand embroidered in India, 100% cotton.

GOODIES All Kilometre products come with a passport (a travel guide matching the destination of the product + booklet about the brand and its history) and a “second skin”.

All Kilometre products are hand-woven and hand-embroidered; similar to the techniques used to create haute couture. This shirt is made especially for you, so please don’t expect the same production times as fast fashion.


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