Ligne 15, Le Grand Paris, France

Ligne 15, Le Grand Paris, France

Ligne 15, Le Grand Paris, France


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Paris is expanding, transforming into a metropolis – Le Grand Paris. The serpentine Line 15 is the first of four new metro lines that will connect and incorporate all of the region’s up-and-coming suburbs with each other, and to the city centre. It is one of the first steps taken in the direction of the Paris of tomorrow.

DESCRIPTION First, Roman men wore them tied to their belts. Then, they were used to denote a soldier’s rank in armies throughout the world. In the fifties, Grace Kelly wrapped one around her head to protect her hair, and turned a simple length of cloth into a fashion staple. Kilometre’s scarves stand out from the rest with their hand-embroidered details. They are made from khadi, a hand-woven cotton textile from India.

100% cotton Khadi
70 x 70 cm

GOODIES All Kilometre products come with a passport (a travel guide matching the destination of the product + booklet about the brand and its history) and a “second skin”.

All Kilometre products are hand-woven and hand-embroidered; similar to the techniques used to create haute couture. This item is made especially for you, so please don’t expect the same production times as fast fashion.


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