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Xilitla is a small town of about 10,000 people in the south of the state of San Luis Potosi, in Mexico. Not far from there, Las Pozas, ”the pools” in Spanish, is one of the world’s most impressive sculpture gardens.Besides its multitude of pools, Las Pozas’s 20 acres include a stairway to nowhere and buildings with names such as ”House With Three Stairs That Might Be Five” and ”House With a Roof Like a Whale.” Open mysterious doors that lead to no-where, climb staircases to the sky and get lost in this labyrinthine landscape like a child in a dream.

DESCRIPTION An accessory’s ability to adapt is the true measure of versatility and usefulness. That is exactly what the lavalier is designed for. Inspired by a men’s dresswear tie, this accesory piece was designed to be multipurpose. Just a few suggestions from Kilometre, wear your lavalier: as a headband, a belt, cinched at the waisted with oversize shirt /dress , or as a scarf – the options are open to creativity.

Hand embroidered in India, 100% cotton. COLOUR STRIPES

GOODIES All Kilometre products come with a passport (a travel guide matching the destination of the product + booklet about the brand and its history) and a “second skin”.

All Kilometre products are hand-woven and hand-embroidered, similar to the techniques used to create haute couture. This shirt was made especially for you, so please don’t expect the same production times as fast fashion.


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